General Education

If you are looking for an engaging course to apply toward your General Education requirements, SRJC’s Music Department has several transferable courses to offer, no matter your level of expertise in music.

Class Piano (MUSCP 11)Class Piano

If you have no prior experience with either piano or reading music, you may wish to begin with Music Fundamentals (MUSC 1). If you already read music and have some prior (even minimal) keyboard experience, you should enroll in Class Piano 1 (MUSCP 11A). Experienced pianists may be able to skip ahead into Class Piano 2, 3, or 4 (MUSCP 11B, C, or D). If you are uncertain about which Piano course to take, consult with Dr. Rudolf Budginas for placement: [|profile](CSU/UC) Santa Rosa Campus only.

Classical Music Appreciation   (MUSC 7)

In this survey of music literature in the Western world from the Middle Ages to the present, students will gain an understanding of music as an art form through listening and discussion of choral, orchestral, solo, opera, chamber, and electronic works. Concert attendance is required. Open to all students, but designed for the non-music major. (CSU/UC) Course available at the Santa Rosa campus and online.

World Music Appreciation   (MUSC 8)

An introduction to the music of Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, Oceania, the Caribbean, and the Middle East with a focus on the interconnectedness and cross-fertilization among cultures. (CSU/UC) Course available at the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses.

Jazz Appreciation   (MUSC 9)

Open to all students, required for students who intend to major in Jazz Studies. This lecture survey of jazz focuses on an understanding of its essential musical elements, its evolution, and the cultural contributions of African Americans. Special attention is given to the study of standard jazz forms, stylistic differences, and analysis of live and recorded performances. (CSU/UC) Santa Rosa Campus only.

Music History   (MUSC 6.1 & 6.2)

SRJC offers two different courses in Music History spanning two different time periods. Each course covers primarily classical music of the Western civilization through stylistic analysis of scores, listening in and out of class, and appropriate assigned reading. Designed for music majors or others with an interest in the arts and the humanities. (CSU/UC) Santa Rosa Campus only.