University & College Transfer

Sonoma State University is our local CSU partner. We maintain a close working relationship with the music faculty at SSU and encourage our graduates to consider SSU as their receiving institution upon completion of studies at SRJC.

The enrollment period for most CSUs is October 1 through November 30th. If you are considering transfer to a CSU in the Fall of 2011, you will need to apply on-line via CSU Mentor by November 30, 2010. If you miss that deadline, you will need to wait an additional year. Planning ahead is crucial. Note that if you intend to major in music at the 4-year level, you will also need to apply to the music department and schedule an audition.

If you are considering taking JC courses prior to enrolling a UC program, keep in mind that the UCs are not admitting transfers who have not completed an Associates degree. That means that you will need to complete the two year program at SRJC or go straight to the UC program. For more information about transfer to the UC system, visit the UC Web site.

Many graduates of SRJC’s Music Program have successfully transferred to wide variety of institutions that include:

Cal Arts
CSU Chico
CSU Dominguez Hills
CSU East Bay
CSU Fresno
CSU Long Beach
CSU Sacramento
CSU San Diego
CSU Stanislaus
Humboldt State University
San Francisco State University
San Francisco Conservatory
Sonoma State University
UC Berkeley
UC Irvine
UC Santa Cruz
University of the Pacific
Arizona State University
Berklee College Of Music
Brigham Young University
Chapman University
Cornish College of the Arts
Indiana University
McGill University
Oregon State University
Portland State University
University of North Texas