Whether you are an experienced chorister, a lead singer in the band, or a crooner in the shower, SRJC has the right voice class for you.


MUSCP 17A Elementary Voice (2.0 units) – No audition necessary

This course is designed to give you a thorough basis of healthy singing technique. The course will cover a range of styles of vocal music, including folksong and traditional ballad, English and foreign language art song and Musical Theatre. Topics include tone production, breath control, diction, and interpretation of musical notation. While open to all students, prior singing experience and the ability to read music is recommended. This course is repeatable for credit for up to four semesters. (CSU/UC)


MUSCP 17B Intermediate Voice (2.0 units) – Audition required

Concurrent enrollment in MUSCP 18 Diction for Singers is required
This is a program of study designed for the serious vocal student. The class will be devoted to the study and practice of vocal techniques and practical applications of vocal skills within the preparation and performance of standard college-level repertoire. Classes will also include demonstrations and practice of vocal exercises designed for the development of technical skill. Each semester focuses on the study of classical repertoire in a particular language. The course is closely tied to MUSCP 18 Diction for Singers where students learn proper pronunciations and vowel modifications for the languages of the repertoire examined in this class. This course is repeatable for up to four semesters. (CSU/UC)

MUSC 18 Diction and Repertoire for Singers (2.0 Units)

The class is devoted to the study and practice of language preparation and performance in standard college-level vocal repertoire. Each semester focuses on repertoire in one of the following four languages: Italian, French, German, and English. Students are introduced to the International Phonetic Alphabet and correct Italian language pronunciation. Further study into foreign language translation of assigned repertoire helps the student develop a depth of individual artistic character. This course is repeatable for up to four semesters. (CSU/UC)
Students enrolled in MUSCP 40.2 Applied Music: Voice should also be enrolled in MUSC 18.

For more information, contact Jody Benecke